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VIDEO:  Gigi tested a C4 WRC for CitroŽn Italia

See the video of the Gigi's test on the C4 WRC for CitroŽn Italia  on


NEWS:  Keyword: 2010

If you had talked to Gigi in these months, you would have often heard the same key word: 2010. The driver from Livigno did all his best to organise a program with the Focus of Stobart Team for this season, but the difficult economical situation, affecting all business fields, made even tougher finding sponsors that could support his return to the competitions in 2009.

ď2009 was born under an unlucky star Ė explains Gigi Ė ďWe got the bases for running a part-time program but the available budget would have allowed me to contest a few events only, without any guarantee of continuity. I did not want it. Therefore I have focused all my efforts on 2010. We are assessing different opportunities, but the final decision about what we will be doing and with which car has still to be taken.

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22/06/09 - Keyword: 2010

23/01/09 - Work in progress

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17/12/08 - Memorial Bettega Trophy

28/11/08 - Gigi is back

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NEWS:  Work in progress

A new rally season is approaching

Through many means (emails, facebook and messages left on the guestbook) many of you have asked for news about Gigiís next season.

Thatís why he wishes to inform all the fans, through this letter, about his current situation.

Gigi is in touch with Malcom Wilson (M-Sport director) in the joint effort to arrange a programme in the World Rally Championship, in order to make him driving a Ford Focus in the highest possible number of events. At the moment part of the required budget is still missing and Gigi is working very hard on it.

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